3 Tips for Planning a Vegetable Garden

Planning a garden is essential for success throughout the entire gardening season.

Jon covers the most important things to consider when writing up your garden plan. Where to put it? How big? How much sun? Which veggies?

Let us know which veggies you’re planting this year! Happy Gardening!

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Garden Orientation
1:38 Amount of sun needed
2:00 Sun-o-gram
2:40 Size of garden
2:55 Which vegetables to grow
3:45 plant positioning
4:10 tomatoes
4:15 cucumbers
4:22 corn
4:50 broccoli, cabbage
4:55 plant spacing
5:15 cover crop
5:28 carrot, radish, turnip
6:05 garden record keeping
7:20 amending your growing medium

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