3m² Edible Balcony Garden Tour

How’s it going? Today’s vlog is an edible balcony garden tour and related daily routine. Our balcony is small, only 3 square meters in a rental apartment. We mainly grow our own vegetables and herbs in containers.
We have started our edible balcony garden since March, when San Francisco enforced lockdown due to Covid-19. This becomes one of our greatest happiness every day. It is small; it is big. I hope you will find some inspiration or peace in it. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Summer Garden – How is it integrated into our daily life? Time Stamp:
00:00 Intro
00:20 Our plants, Our Baby
03:57 Our diorama version of BBC Nature
04:18 From farm to table
05:43 Extension of space
06:32 Starry sky is within reach

A list of plants on our small space garden:
Cherry Radish
Lettuce Mesclun
Beefsteak tomato
Sweet Basil
Breath of heaven ‘Sunset Gold’
Thai Basil
Jelly Bean Plant
Mexican chile pepper
Lemon Thyme
England Lavender
Cucumber Tasty Green
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Shiso Perilla
Spring onion

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Greetings from Gala Studio, a San Francisco slow lifestyle channel by a landscape designer and an architect. We like to share simple recipes, balcony gardening, design & DIY, and travel!

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