9 Most Common Gardening Tools and Their Uses

There’s a wide range of gardening tools in the market, but not all of them are useful.

To start your gardening journey, focus on the essentials with this practical list!

Table of Contents
0:18 #01 Garden Gloves
0:40 #02 Wheelbarrow
1:04 #03 Garden Hand Trowel
1:27 #04 Digging Shovel
1:53 #05 Digging Spade
2:30 #06 Bow Rake
2:53 #07 Digging Fork
3:24 #08 Garden Knife
3:48 #09 Garden Hose / Watering Can

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9 Most Common Gardening Tools and Their Uses
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9 Most Common Gardening Tools and Their Uses
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