DIY Hydroponics: How to build a Hydroponics system with Plastic

Hello Friends, Let us learn how to setup Hydroponics At Home Using Plastic Bottles. In simple, Hydroponics is growing plants without soil. Hydroponics replaces the use of traditional growth mediums like soil with a nutrient and mineral-rich water solution. Plants are grown with their roots in an inert medium. Growth mediums includes perlite, rockwool, coconut husk, rocks, cocopeat, sponge, foam, clay pellets, coconut fiber/coconut chips, or vermiculite. The key is you keep the roots exposed to a nutrient rich water solution.

You can grow Lettuce,Spinach,Strawberries,Bell Peppers,Herbs. You may also try tomato and egg plants too. Leafy greens like lettuce are the most profitable crops to grow in hydroponic systems. With the professional setup and nutrient balance, you can grow any plant hydroponically.

Do-it-yourself hydroponic systems come in different forms. You can build one using different locally-available materials such as recyclable plastic bottles, containers, boxes and even PVC pipes. Here we are discussing unit designed using recyclable plastic PET bottles.

For this DIY Hydroponics, we will need the below materials that will be available mostly at home:

1. Empty 2 litre bottles
2. Sponge or any planting medium
3. Plastic Cups for Net cups (Use and throw cups)
4. Marker
5. Water
6. Hydroponic solution
7. Seeds of your choice (I’m using groundnut in this video)
8. Hot Glue

The Hydroponic solution combines of primary nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, magnesium; secondary nutrients like calcium, sulphur, phosphorus; and micronutrients like iron, copper, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, boron.

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