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Pre-sprouting (pre-germinating) is a great little hack to quickly sprout your vegetable seeds. This tip is fast and super easy. It improves germination rates and allows you to plant young seedlings directly into fertilized soil (potting mix). It also allows you to conserve seeds by just planting one seed per pot.

When you plant seeds directly into soil or potting mix, those seeds need to compete with the nutrients in the soil. Whether organic or synthetic, those nutrients exist in the form of fertilizer salts. This results in osmotic pressure that tends to pull moisture away from adjacent seeds. So the seeds take a little longer to imbibe (absorb) the water from the soil. Some seeds may be so sensitive that they don’t emerge at all if the soil is too heavily fertilized.

That’s where this simple technique comes in. By placing the seeds on a wet paper towel, the seeds can freely absorb water with minimal effort. A ziplock baggie can be used. Or a simple container like a dish. Once sealed off from the outside air, the air inside stays humid and the seeds don’t dry out.

As soon as I see the first set of leaves emerge, I plant the seedlings into their potting containers. Just handle them gently by their leaves, rather than the stems or roots. This method works with annual vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, kale, watermelon and corn. All different kinds of seeds can be tried including perennials, flowers, alpines, trees and shrubs.

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