GARDEN TIPS & Hacks: TOP 25 Seeds & Seedlings Gardening

Today I am glad to release part 2 of the garden tips and hacks DIY compilation and this edition of around 28 hacks will be about gardening hacks youtube related to seed sowing, seedlings and seed germinations. These gardening ideas are really helpful if you are interested in vegetable gardening, container gardening and terrace gardening.
There are many seed hacks for fast seed germinations including some plastic bottle garden hacks in random.

1. Watering seeds and seedlings carefully is very important, Best way to water them is using a tray under the pot.
2. To transplant your seedlings use a spoon, dig out as much soil with it.
3. Use sand paper to scrape the hard seed cover of certain seeds like apple, chickoo and those with hard seed over for faster seed germination.
4. You can use your plastic bottles to make simple plantars for sowing seeds or planting small plants.
5. Now will make a Simple self watering pot or automatic watering system using a cotton wick and cutting the bottles as shown here.
6. Make your own Seedling watering can, Using a bottle, you can make this in two ways, first by popping out a nozzle by heating the cap.
7. Mark your garden gloves with inches or centimeters to evenly plant your seeds or seedlings .
8. How to know if my seeds are healthy or unhealthy.
9. You can Test your seeds or even start some seedlings using the Toilet paper method.
10. Just cut out a plastic bottle and use it as a seedling or small plant protector against any wind blowing away the plant.
11. The same can be used as a funnel to transfer your seeds or potting mix into bags or containers.
12. You can also use old forks from your kitchen and bury them around seedlings to protect them from animals.
13. It’s a good habit to always label your plants and sown seeds. It can really create confusion if you do not label them.
14. You can make your own labels with pop sticks, plastic bottle strips, larger pebbles, windows blinds curtain strips, etc.
15. You can Pick small seeds for sowing with a stick or tooth pick dipped in water.
16. You can do perfect seeds spacing for Tiny seeds like spreading them apart in a row on toilet paper – for better visibility and even spacing and sowing. You can make a seed tapes either in a row or a square or round seed board specially for carrot seeds for even spacing and better growth and ease of harvesting.
17. Before sowing seeds, soak them in luke warm water for 24 hours specially for certain seeds like beans, peas, okra and others.
18. Another Hack for seed soaking is using Epsom salt solution for soaking like 1 teaspoon in 100 ml of water. This results in faster germination and healthy seedlings. You can also spray on Epsom salt solution on your seeds and seedlings for healthy outcome.
19. Make your own trowel with a bottle by cutting a used plastic bottle like am showing you here. Try to take a harder bottle for making this. You can use the same as a funnel to transfer your potting mix, seeds and things like that.
20. Egg trays can be used as seed germination trays.
21. You can also use egg shells to sow seeds and directly transplant into soil.
22. Make your own biodegradable seeds starting cups using used tissue paper roll card board.
23. You can also make seed pots by rolling newspaper and even this is bio degradable and similarly you can directly transplant with the pot into the soil.
24. Mini Green houses – place your seeds inside them for faster germination.
25. Tit bits or tic tac or any small containers like this can be used to store your left over seeds.
26. If you want to professionally start vegetable gardening, You can use a Garden planner software.
27. Once baby seedlings come out of the seeds, Gradually introduce your them to sunlight and the process is called Hardening Off.
28. Using a Seedling heat mat or a heat source from a high watt bulb.

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Those were the tips and hacks on seeds and seedlings. If you like the video, please give a thumbs up and share the video.

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