How to Get Rid of Brown Leaf Tips on My

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Brown leaf tips on houseplants are common. The reasons for browning leaf tips are several. These include excessive minerals in the water, such as chlorine, fluoride and salt. (Avoid watering your houseplants with softened water, which is high in salt.) Other reasons for brown leaf tips include chemical fertilizer burn. Overly dry air (low humidity) and improper or erratic watering are also causes of brown leaf tips on indoor plants. In this video, learn how to stop your houseplants from getting brown leaf tips.

Green Gourmet Houseplant Food:

Video on creating humidity for your houseplants:

Learn how to make a humidity tray for your houseplants in this video:

Also see how you can cut off brown leaf tips so your houseplant looks better. Here’s an article on the topic:

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