SPRING GARDEN TOUR | Small Homestead Layout


Super casual, chatty tour of our spring garden. I know a quarter-acre is going to be more than some have, and a lot less than others. Here’s how we’re making due with our current lot until we can get onto a property with more land for growing our own food. (While doing our best to leave plenty of room for the dogs to run, of course.) Also… I talk fast, but I’ll try to slow it down in the future!

BLOG POST W/ ALL SPRING VARIETIES: https://oakabode.com/early-spring-crops/
HOW WE MADE OUR GARDEN BEDS: https://youtu.be/2rl_7lSrSRI

MY VLOGGING CAMERS + GEAR: https://kit.co/oakabode/film-video-gear

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Instagram: @oak_abode

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