Summer care for plants | Tips & Hacks

Summers in India are harsh and the rising temperatures not only takes a toll on us but more so on our plants. This video puts together a few tips that we can do to get our indoor gardens summer ready.

0:00 Introduction
1:15 Move plants
1:55 Obstruct direct harsh light
2:21 be mindful of plants on or touching metal bars or grills
2:53 Water more often
3:24 Water at the right time
3:36 Misting
4:27 Group humidity loving plants together
4:50 Evaporation of water creates humidity
5:50 Setup humidity trays
6:12 moisture domes
6:48 Improve air circulation
7:06 Mulching
8:08 Observe & treat
8:45 Don’ts during a heat spell

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